Stock Business Reports

Inventory Stock Price Index Report

Are the profit margins on products sufficient?
Which stock items turnover the most in a year?
Which stock items create the best return on revenue?

CodeDescriptionMAT netMAT costsMAT profit Ave SOH TurnsSPIGP%ROR
101Product 1$17171.59$9526764545135
102Product 2$21257.76$115929665211752
103Product 3$16868.36$9265760264441
104Product 4$17275.74$9528774732993
105Product 5$11878.00$6564531386682
106Product 6$16510.81$89637547147248
107Product 7$2984.02$1519146411567
108Product 8$4779.69$2399238035376
109Product 9$11767.41$64715295114195
110Product 10$17534.70$957779573214
111Product 11$13196.91$70886108114258
112Product 12$26137.94$8295818568209

KEY: MAT = moving annual total, SOH = stock on hand, Turns = times stock turned over in a year, SPI = stock price index, GP = gross profit, Return on Revenue = Net Income / Revenue