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What is the yearly cost of running your appliances including standby power?
What energy savings are you missing out on?
This calculator can work out yearly costs of running an electrical appliance based on hours of operation and its consumption rate when on and in standby. Some electrical consumption values are provided. Otherwise, power meters can be bought for approximately $30 and show real time power use and consumption over time. Once you have worked out your yearly costs then consider efficiency and money saving strategies.

  • Can you turn off an appliance completely eliminating standby consumption?
  • Can a daily, weekly or countdown timer be used to reduce consumption?
  • If the device is hard to turn on and off then consider a remote controlled power-board.
  • Does my appliances have good Energy Star ratings?
  • Are there more efficient alternatives?

Recalculate for energy saving measures deployed.

  • Is it worth the extra effort and expense for lower running costs for the life of an appliance?
  • Other benefits include reduced cooling needs due to lower appliance electrical consumption.

Fill in the values for your appliance operation in the first table.
Press the Get Results button to see the yearly electricity use and costs in the second table.
Appliance Results can be imported to the last table for side by side comparisons.
If you have a appliance that is used on weekdays and weekend differently then use See Appliance Energy Usage with a digital electricity meter

Single Appliance Energy Calculator

Power Cost in Dollars per kWh example 0.20

Hours per day in use (1-24)

Days per week in use (1-7)

Power Consumption when Operating in Watts (1-500).
Choose from sample list or select your own value.

Power Consumption when in Standby in Watts (0-200).
Choose from sample list or select your own value.
Use 0 for completely off.

Press button after completing or adjusting fields in the top table. Results are in the lower table.

Appliance Energy Single Results

What does each appliance cost to run per year? Which appliance deserve special attention to lower energy consumption.
Calculate all possible energy efficiencies and see which ones are easiest to implement and get the best return on investment.

Calculator Parameter


Power consumption per year (kWh)

Electricity cost per year ($)

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Appliance Energy Strategy

What appliances are using the most energy? Can the hours of operation be reduced? Is there more efficient equivalent appliances?

Appliance Energy Multiple Results

Copy results from above tables into any row here by pressing the associated import button. Add your own descriptions.
Compare results side by side. See you much can be saved by turning off appliances or using more efficient appliances.

Import Your Own
Hrs/Day Days/Week Power On
Power Off
Power Used
Totals All Appliances

Power point energy meter Did the Appliance Energy Calculator help you?
What changes can be made to appliance choice or operating hours?
Compare was savings can be made in energy and money.
Do you need to confirm appliance energy use by power point measurement?

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