Idea research checklist validation. Get product market fit.

Review your idea in terms of the questions below and export your research results.

Preliminary Evaluation

What is the intent of the idea / project / startup / business?
Why are you undertaking it?
What customer value are you trying to create?

What is the measureable business/customer target do you wish to achieve?

Your Market

What is your market segment? Marketing Plan Creator
How will you reach your market?

Your Idea

What are your idea assumptions and risks?

What are the starting specifications of your idea?

Can you test your assumptions, learn from them and pivot your business model if required? Business Model Creator

Your Skills and Experience

Does your idea suit your teams skills and experience? Transferrable skills list Business and Technology skills list
Do you have the willpower to deliver your idea? Personal Analysis

Team Skills

Fields of Knowledge. E.g. Industry knowledge, training, experience etc.

Idea Execution

How has your idea been validated with your customer segment?
Can you build a prototype or mock-up or create diagrams to demonstrate to customers?
Will customers pay for your completed idea?
Do you have product / market fit?

Idea Research Checklist Results

Click in text result area. Ctrl + A = Select All. Ctrl + C = Copy. Ctrl + V = Paste. Save your results for your ideal business case.

Idea research checklist validation. Gain product market fit.